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DSiD is the Delphes Silicon Detector for the International Linear Collider (ILC), a detector card for the fast detector simulator Delphes. It is based on the full simulation SiD performance reported in the ILC Technical Design Report, Volume 4: Detectors. The card has been validated in a study documented in a LCWS2015 Proceeding, "DSiD: a Delphes Detector for ILC Physics Studies" (arXiv:1602.07748).

Reference Links

  • Delphes - the Delphes fast simulation page
  • SiD - the Silicon Detector detector page
  • ILC - the International Linear Collider page
  • ILC TDR - the ILC TDR Volumes 1-4
  • arXiv:1602.07748 - DSiD: a Delphes Detector for ILC Physics Studies
  • DBD StdHEP - Whizard StdHEP files for 250,350,500,1000 GeV ILC
  • DSiD README - how to download, install and run DSiD

Event Display

A NMSSM neutralino pair production event at the 500 GeV ILC generated with MG5_aMC@NLO with polarized beams.


  • Chris Potter
  • University of Oregon: ctp@uoregon.edu
  • Alder Institute for HEP: potter@alderihep.org
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